Trailer Tripping: Mutant Staples

Welcome to a new semi-regular feature here on MRFH, Trailer Tripping!  In this column, we’ll pick a theme and dig up some hilarious retro trailers for you to check out.  Who knows — it might even get you to finally see these movies we’ve been blabbing about!

For our first installment, we’ve chosen five trailers that represent founding films of MRFH — movies that got us to do this site in the first place.  And we’re not even supposed to be here today!

1. Clerks 

2. Hudson Hawk

3. PCU

4. Empire Records

5. Army of Darkness

One comment

  1. It’s worth mentioning that that Hudson Hawk trailer (and others like it) are the main reason why the movie tanked so hard in theaters. The studio did its darnedest to advertise the flick as a typical Bruce Willis action flick, so when it turned out to be… well, Hudson Hawk, a lot of people were not amused. “I didn’t want the funny! I wanted things to blow up!”

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